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Wijesinghe Pediatrics Pc has been recognized as one of the top Henderson Pediatrics practices.
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2441 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
Henderson, NV 89052
Office Phone: 702-248-7337
Office Fax: 702-478-5465
Open Monday- Friday
8:30AM - 5:00 PM

Carrie Wijesinghe,   MD FAAP
  Siena Pediatrics
 Rosalie Kalili, MD FAAP 
Lillie Hidaji, MD FAAP
        Rema Merhi, DO 

Siena Pediatrics has moved! Our new office is 2441 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, 89052. The providers and staff at Siena Pediatrics are excited to show off the new location to our families at your next visit.  

  Flu Shots are still being administered on week days so please call to make an appointment!

Congratulations to Dr. Carrie and Dr. Lillie for being named 
Top Doctors, 2017!

Matt Padgett, PA-C
Siena Pediatrics is proud to receive the  Silver Syringe Award for 3 years in a row!!  This award is granted to Nevada Pediatric practices who immunize children with exceptional immunizations rates (80% or higher)!